Sunday, September 1

The USRaeli battle for your mind - see the outrageous Boston Metro AD, Aug 26, 2013

thank you, Lorraine L!!!!
we need to echo a too-little used word: chutzpah
Lorraine wrote:
On Mon. Aug. 26, the Boston Metro paper ran a 1/2 page ad on page 5; it asked "who is David?' and under neath "who is Goliath?'
there were outlines of middle eastern counties, with their names + population. In the western part of the outlines was Morocco; with Iran + Oman on the eastern part. Qatar has a population of 1.9 million, the Gaza has 1.7 million, Israel has 7.9 million; populations of other countries range up to Egypt's 83.7 million. in this section Israel looked tiny +all but surrounded by other countries. There was another section that showed Israel with the Gaza strip + the West Bank with different colors.
-- Below the message started with ''There's no lack of media coverage on Israel, the Middle East's sole democracy with civil rights and a free press. What is lacking is objective coverage.......generally receives inaccurate, harsh, even hostile coverage the world's press.....The Jewish News Service ( was created to correct that...." Lorraine
Below is a photo of the USRaeli map/ad; below THAT is my map:

on map abovePF's  corrections:

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