Monday, September 9

New Know Your Rights guide for Palestine Solidarity activists

An important resource was released today from Palestine Solidarity Legal Support, for student and other Palestinian and solidarity activists who may confront repression or legal attempts to intimidate or silence activism in your campuses or communities: 

PSLS and the Center for Constitutional Rights are releasing a Know Your Rights booklet for specially developed and tailored for Palestinian rights activists - Legal and Tactical Guide: Palestinian Human Rights Advocacy in the U.S.  

The guide identifies potential legal issues, including First Amendment rights and infringement of free speech, material support concerns, use of criminal charges to suppress rights activism, and a legal guide to BDS work. 

PSLS also provides legal support to activists dealing with related issues in the course of Palestinian and solidarity activism. Contact PSLS if you have questions about your rights around Palestine solidarity activism or are experiencing repression: Website: | Email: | Phone: (312) 212-0448


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