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Belgian-Iranian Scapegoat Arrested in Tel Aviv

Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wildernessLeviticus 16:21

ROI TOV - Anguished by his shameful performance at the UN General Assembly of September 2013,* Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed a scapegoat. Looking deep into his sleeve, he inserted long tweezers and pulled out what in that dark realm looked as an ace of diamonds. When the prize reached the daylight, Netanyahu was surprised; it turned out being a worthless two of clubs.
He didn't care. He needed to distract the masses. On September 29, still in New York, he called the Shin Beth, the secret police, and after a few pleasantries inconspicuously delivered the agreed code word for delivering the news about the arrest of a Belgian-Iranian businessman, who had been arrested in his way out of Israel on September 11.
"Iran Speaks Peace but Spies On Us," was Netanyahu's foolish plan of action. Even the date of the arrest, on the anniversary of the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York, hints at the political level of the entire event.
Alex Mans on Tel Aviv's Promenade
Alex Mans on Tel Aviv's Promenade

Few Facts
The news about the arrest created empty articles. Dramatic headlines followed by very few facts and the laughable pictures claimed to prove that Alex Mans was a spy for Iran.
Mans was born in 1958 in Teheran as Ali Mansouri. In 1980, he moved to Turkey, where he lived until 1997, when he moved to Belgium. There, he married a local woman, got citizenship and changed his name to Alex Mans. As a businessman, he specializes in windows and roofing for stores and restaurants.
He visited Israel three times. The last visit started on September 6 and ended with his arrest five days afterwards.
The Shin Beth claims that he was sent to Israel to set up a network of companies designed to serve Iranian intelligence via spying and terror against Israel and the United States. Supporting this claim, the secret police released various pictures that their prisoner took.
Even the supportive Israeli media claims that the secret police will have a hard time to prove the allegations in Court.**
Laughable Proofs
USA Embassy in Tel Aviv
USA Embassy in Tel Aviv
Strategy: A History
I reproduce here only two of the released pictures. By far, these two are the best. Both show the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.
The building is not secret. It is located on HaYarkon Street, next to the promenade. In case of war, the nearby Sixth Fleet approached the coast and evacuates the embassy's personnel and a few other chosen people.
PM Netanyahu, I am sure that you will agree with me that the following line doesn't contain state secrets. The area is frequented by Jewish prostitutes. Israelis not living in Tel Aviv use the idiom "Hayarkon Street" while referring to prostitutes. I am sure that the Americans are aware of this inconvenient truth.
The first picture was taken from a hotel placed near the embassy. Similar views can be achieved from a plethora of public, tall buildings.
In the second, the embassy is seen at the corner of a picture taken from the beach. Both images are poor; more important, both show public views of the building.
USA Embassy in Tel Aviv
USA Embassy in Tel Aviv
Ottoman Architecture
Mr. Netanyahu, please update yourself. Today, September 29, I performed a simple image search in Google for "USA Embassy Tel Aviv." I got 368,000 images, many of them better than those taken by Mr. Mans. Can't you believe? Try it yourself. Here is the snapshot of my search:
Spanish Google on 'USA Embassy Tel Aviv'
Spanish Google on 'USA Embassy Tel Aviv'

Mr. Netanyahu, do you want real spy images? Ask Uncle Sam to show you the items taken by Israeli spy Pollard+ from within certain buildings. Why do you want Pollard out of his comfy American prison while you torture Mr. Mans?
Irrational Rationale
I am confident that over a cup of coffee in a secure location, the Shin Beth will acknowledge that the claim that this images mean the Mr. Mans was spying on Israel and the USA are ridicule.
However, Israel's secret police has a card in its sleeve. It claims that Mr. Mans contacts allowed him to collect information to be supplied to Iran. It turned out that the card they had been the same one in Netanyahu's sleeve, a worthless two of clubs. If you play dirty, at least play smart, my dear spooks.
Mr Netanyahu, doesn't Israel feature one of the most sophisticated international intelligence gathering systems worldwide? Doesn't Israel spy and steal technologies routinely from the USA, Europe and the former Soviet Union? Come on, I have witnessed myself two such events.
Prime Minister Netanyahu, you are not even shy of tampering with Africa. Let me remind you of one of your agents featured in this website in the past. In 1989-90, Yair Gal Klein (a former lieutenant colonel and special forces commander in the IDF) spent 16 months in a Sierra Leone prison for selling guns for blood diamonds. He was released by intervention of the Mossad. In 2007, he was detained in Moscow on an Interpol warrant when he attempted to fly to Tel Aviv with a doctored passport. He is on the run since a Colombian court had sentenced him in absentia to 10 years' imprisonment in 2001 for training right-wing paramilitaries in the 1980s. In the article linked in the footnote++other similar Israeli achievements are mentioned.
Mr. Netanyahu, please understand that I am neither criticizing you nor joking at you. In the same way you have difficulties making a Google search, I have difficulties understanding the rationale of the Israeli claims. Silly me!
Please explain me why Israeli commercial espionage is legitimate, but the Iranian one is not? After all, your involvement with blood-diamonds has been proven in court. As recently as September 2010, seven Israelis, all ex-military men, were behind bars in four countries on gunrunning charges. All had been licensed by Israel's Defense Ministry. Gideon Sarig is in a British prison serving a seven-year sentence imposed in 2010 for selling arms to various dubious organizations in Venezuela, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon and Sri Lanka. In my lexicon, Mr. Netanyahu, this is State-terror.
Until you find a logical answer, please stop torturing a legitimate businessman. His blood is on your hands.
** Even corrupt courts have their limits. For Israeli courts corruption see IDF Court-Martial Prosecution Corrupt says President of the CourtSiemens Bribery Hits Israeli Corrupt JudgeLikud Leader: Israeli Courts Corrupted and the State Corruption section of the website.

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