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The Big Picture: Israel’s African Misadventure

By Anwar Kazaure

Israel’s foray into the African scene began in an unforgettable 
fashion; it was 1973 and the Yom Kippur war was raging 
across much of the Sinai Desert, the Golan Heights and on the 
Suez Canal itself. The Egyptians had just achieved an element 
of surprise, crossed the no-mans land and overran fortified 
Israeli positions that were built in the peninsular following its 
seizure by the IDF in the Suez Crisis of 1956.

From the brink of defeat, thanks to the strategic military blunders 
of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the massive air-lift of new 
equipment by the United States, Israel was able to beat back the 
Egyptian assault and launch a counter-strike spearheaded by units 
under the command of Ariel Sharon who identified a gap in the 
Egyptian defensive line and consequently executed a pincer which 
saw Israeli forces crossing to the African side of the canal to cut-
off and completely encircle the Egyptian 3rd Army.
This action borne out of war time necessity created a diplomatic 
uproar in African capitals which resulted in an unanimous decision 
by the members of the Organization for African Unity (O.A.U)- a 
predecessor of today’s African Union, to sever all ties with the 
Zionist regime.

Further incidents such as the Israeli Commando Raid inEntebbe and its close collaboration with the Apartheid regime of South Africa also played a crucial role in shaping Israel’s image as an aggressive and unfriendly imperialist colonial entity in the African psyche, a foreign policy disaster Israel may never recover from.
Despite its direct bearing on its legitimacy and the long-term 
consequences, for much of the 70s and 80s, Israel continued to 
an antagonistic posture in its relationship with Africa, the extent of 
which can never be underestimated.
“Israel provided expertise and technology that was central to 
South Africa’s development of its nuclear bombs” and according 
to Dieter Gerhardt, a Soviet spy and former commander in the 
South African Navy, Israel agreed in 1974 to arm eight Jericho 
II missiles with “special warheads” for South Africa.
This recent revelations of Israel’s nascent activities in Africa 
made it impossible to look at the writings of Theodore Herzl, the 
father  of political Zionism with anything but surprise and 
for it is he who once said “once I have witnessed the redemption of 
the Jews, my people, I wish also to assist in the redemption of the 
Herzl should be turning in his grave, his words are as empty as the 
racist ideological misconceptions that inspire it.  A classic 
illustration of such unwarranted insults that are a vivid reminder of 
the now outdated and discredited idea of the “White Man’s 
Burden” was glaringly visible in the recent movie Django 
Unchained, directed by Tarantino- a known champion of Theodore 
Herzl’s legacy.

Of Mist & Shadow, The Case of South Sudan

In April 2012, Sudan’s al-Intiba newspaper reported that 
“Israeli  jets have been landing at a Sudan airport at 3 am every day 
unloading missiles, military equipment and African mercenaries”, 
only five months after “The IAF allegedly bombed two land cruiser 
vehicles, killing four passengers.
A second attack was reportedly carried out on December 18 in 
which a car had been bombed and all its passengers killed. It was 
also reported that an Israeli Apache helicopter landed in an area 
where South Sudanese army radar stations are located.”
This is merely a glimpse into the reality of a conflict that has been 
going on for decades, with every possible mention of the huge trail 
of Israeli presence and participation in the theater completely 
obliterated from the script of the international mainstream media.
It is yet early to write a conclusive account of the role Israel played 
in the destabilization and Balkanization of the Sudan, but 
subsequent developments which followed South Sudan’s secession 
such as the dependence of the ruling former S.P.L.A guerrillas on 
Israeli Military support and the immediate signing of oil deals with 
several Israeli companies which effectively gave Israel a big slice of 
South Sudan’s huge oil wealth points to a more sinister past.
Of manufactured rebellions and bloody insurgencies, of conflicts artificially designed to drain African nations of valuable resources, of spreading chaos and arming brutal criminal groups that are known for their genocidal atrocities and  the strong support they receive from a shadow entity.
yair-kleinThe arrest and conviction of Yair 
Klein, a former lieutenant colonel in the 
Israeli Army who spent 16 months in a 
Sierra Leonean prison on charges that 
was smuggling arms to rebels from the 
Revolutionary United Front (RUF)- the 
terrorist gang of bloodthirsty thugs who 
gave the phrase “Blood Diamonds” its horrific connotation, is not 
just a story of a cold-hearted mercenary but an indictment of the 
forces he represents.
The UN Security Council’s panel of experts on Liberia established 
in 2000 revealed that Israel was at the heart of a shadowy 
international network of support for the RUF, involving Liberian, 
South African, Kenyan, and Ukrainian arms suppliers and diamond 
mining interests. the Cost

LOONY-TUNES: Nigeria & The False-Flag Fiasco
Recently, the Nigerian Newspaper Daily Trust reported the 
discovery of a huge arms cache in Bompai Kano by the men of the 
Nigerian Army. The underground depot was found at the residence 
of a Lebanese expatriate. What is most significant about this find is 
the volume and quantity of sophisticated weaponry and munitions.
The inventory which includes a variety of sub-machine guns, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), Anti-Tank Missiles, 700 Standard Issue Grenades, Military Grade Explosives and Anti-Aircraft Surface to Air Missiles. In short, enough firepower to start a serious debacle and cause significant damage to the fragile peace in Nigeria.
This incident is just another in a series of unexplained mysteries 
that demand a careful appraisal if the trend of instability and 
criminal violence is to be contained.
The facts on the ground are pointing ever closer to the possibility 
that the country is indeed a new theatre in the phony ‘war on 
terror’ and as such we may be witnessing a new incarnation of the 
age-old strategy for destabilization in the guise of False-Flag 
Connecting the Dots
In late 2006, Eliav Hommossany- an Israeli with ties to Mossad 
and Shin Bet was arrested and charged with espionage in Nigeria. 
The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz reported that Eliav was suspected 
of infiltrating Nigeria’s Defense Ministry and with the assistance of 
some corrupt Nigerian officials; he succeeded in obtaining 
documents. No Nigerian Media printed the story, and neither did 
they do so in 2009 when a similar incident re-occurred.
Among the troves of U.S Diplomatic Cables released by the 
whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, one particular document (C O 
N F I D E N T I A L ABUJA 001292 ) entitled “Don’t Ask, Don’t 
Tell” makes for a fascinating reading.
Its revelation of the widespread activities of Israeli Defense Contractors operating in Nigeria and Conducting Operations ranging from VIP-protection to running Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with the tacit and informal approval of Nigeria’s security establishment is if anything, timely. 
Since 2010, The Israeli Ambassador Mr Moshe Ram has been 
interfering in Nigeria’s internal politics by taking sides on sensitive 
issues which foments disunity and incites inter-tribal tensions.
It is on public record that in the past year alone, the Ambassador 
has confused defending the policies of his right-wing Likud 
government with spreading black propaganda, encouraging 
Islamophobia and capitalizing on the unique nature of Nigeria’s 
political situation by jumping on topics which antagonizes the 
South against the Muslim-majority Northern Nigeria. Is this not 
Divide & Conquer?
Israeli Companies make huge profits in defense contracts awarded as a result of the growing insurgency. They supply the Nigerian Government with everything from arms, surveillance equipment to Unmanned Drones deployed in the fight against Boko Haram.
They were recently selected as one of the two countries to train 
battalions of Nigeria’s Counter-Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism 
personnel. These are just a few of the economic gains which Israel 
reaps from the ongoing crisis, for without the suicide bombs and 
terror attacks; there would be no demand for such deadly wares.
In a new scandal, the Nigerian President is currently facing 
widespread public outrage over a $40 Million contract awarded 
to Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems which would reportedly 
enable the Nigerian government to surveil all Internet activity, an 
eerily familiar attack on civil liberties reminiscent of the larger 
NSA PRISM program exposed by Snowden which also bears the 
involvement of Israeli Companies.
This unconstitutional arrangement has created “a lot of 
apprehension among Nigerians, now concerned that their country 
might be sliding back to dictatorship,” wrote Premium Times, an 
Abuja based daily newspaper.
The final nail in the coffin of the massive Israeli espionage program was further exposed as a result of a cyber-operation against Mossad carried out by the Hacker Collective Anonymous which  uncovered “a hidden network of 30,000 covert operatives, some openly labeled hitmen.
In his Press TV Column where the story appeared on March 31st, 
Gordon Duff wrote “Every day we see it in the news, dozens killed 
in Pakistan, dozens more in Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, the covert army 
of 30,000, planning terror, building a dozen car bombs a day and 
then being able to, not just write the lies blaming others but, in 
most cases, direct public officials, controlled through blackmail, 
threats or bribery, to respond as directed.” It couldn’t be said 
It is an insurmountable challenge to document the complete dossier 
on Israel’s African Misadventure, because more covert and overt 
activities are planned and executed as I write, it would be left to 
posterity to provide a full account of this ongoing nightmare.

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