Wednesday, July 24

Kinetic Strike Hoax: General Demsey Debunks Zionist “Spin” (video testimony)

Internet Frauds Misquote JCOS Chair as Part of Israel Psyop

“…about the use of kinetic strikes?…That issue is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government and it would be inappropriate for me to try to influence the decision with me rendering an opinion in public about what kind of force we should use. I will let this committee know what my recommendations are at the appropriate time” … General Martin Dempsey, Chairman, JCOS

[Editors Note:  Colonel Ted Guy is in our Memoriam section at the bottom of our staff page. He not only was McCain's commanding officer at the Hanoi Hilton but was pushing for him to be court marshaled upon return for providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Colonel Guy was flanked by the brass and civilian leadership when all Pows were given amnesty, otherwise there would never have been a Senator McCain...Jim W. Dean]

By Gordon Duff, 

John McCain, at another time and place
It is bad enough when John McCain humiliates himself, attacks our military leaders and comes off looking like a foreign agent.
Where McCain failed, the “fabricationists,” clowns and malcontents of the press, from corporate controlled “MSM” to Zionist controlled phony “LFM” (Lunatic Fringe Media), we see the same lies, the same spin, the same agenda intended to undermine American leaders who seek policies independent of Israeli control.
We have the video, General Dempsey clearly avoids confirming any plans to strike Syria despite John McCain’s insults and badgering.
Now we have lunatic fringe press trying to do the work of “Hanoi John” McCain, the work of Israeli intelligence.
Watch the video:

YouTube - 
 The “hoax” version taken from an article posted by Dr. Jim Fetzer, quoted by Lehmann Christoff:
“the brute of the U.S. military, and kinetic strikes”.   The issue is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government”.

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  1. john McCain is now and has been insane. he and his co-crazies like Lieberman have only one mind: war for Israel. it should be war ON Israel which would give the world peace as its never known before!!!