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Israel's Use Of Sex To Distract You From Apartheid

Pinkwash, Greenwash, Hogwash: Ali Abunimah on Israel’s use of sex and marketing to distract from apartheid

 Ali Abunimah

On 24 June 2013, I gave a lecture titled “Pinkwash, Greenwash, Hogwash: How Israel uses sex and marketing to distract from apartheid” at the 519 Church St. Community Centre in Toronto, organized by Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).
I’m grateful to the members and supporters of QuAIA who recorded and edited this video of the event, including cutting in clips and images of the examples of pinkwashing that I showed during my presentation.
I also thank Benjamin Doherty who helped me curate many of the multimedia elements of my talk.
Here’s more of The Electronic Intifada’s coverage of pinkwashing. Visit QuAIA’s websiteand follow them on Twitter at @quaiaTO.
Also read this report on the event in Daily Xtra, a prominent LGBTQ publication in Canada: “WorldPride organizers concerned about ‘pinkwashing’” (27 June 2013).


For ease of reference, here are links to some of the items shown in the video:
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