Wednesday, June 19

No to the torture of children!

We are in a very dangerous period in world history as the old power structure collapses and the US dominance begins to wane.  But the empire strikes back.  The US and Israel try to strength neo liberal governments that depend on capital accumulation for the rich and increasing poverty for most of the people. To avoid a major revolutionary force among the disenfranchised, these elites have been pushing for sectarian conflicts: Sunni vs Shia, Arab versus Kurds, Christian versus Muslim, Jewish versus Muslims and Christians etc. This deadly game of distraction via wars and civil strife is opposed by the people who rise-up in places like Turkey and Brazil.  If we follow the money and Western/Israeli secret service manipulations we can understand why the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to turn Egypt Islamic and pro-Western and cut relations with Syria.  We can also understand the bombings in Iraq intended to ignite a Shia-Sunni conflict.  We can also understand the media frenzy manipulations of the news.  We can understand President Obama’s support of invading privacy of US citizens in the guise of security.

I do not know what the short term will bring but long term I believe people are waking-up and will chose to direct their energy not at each other but at the evil doers who try to forment sectarian strife.  The world is too crowded and technology far too deadly to do anything but reject the incitement and strife created to benefit the billionaires.  The pushback in the last few weeks against the neoliberal policies of the governments in Turkey, Brasil, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere are good predictors of a positive future.  We should all join hands to say: we want economic justice, we want human rights, we reject sectarianism, and we want peace which can only be based on justice.  In this dangerous era, we can’t be neutral on a moving train (Howard Zinn).  We must take sides: with the rights of the disenfranchised majority and not with the greedy and violent plans of the elites. 

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Action: This 29 year-old analyst just gave up his whole life -- his girlfriend, his job, and his home -- to blow the whistle on the US government's shocking PRISM program -- which has been reading and recording our emails, Skype messages, Facebook posts and phone calls for years. When Bradley Manning passed this kind of data to Wikileaks, the US threw him naked into solitary confinement in conditions that the UN called "cruel, inhumane and degrading". The authorities and press are deciding right now how to handle this scandal. If millions of us stand with Edward in the next 48 hours, it will send a powerful statement that he should be treated like the brave whistleblower that he is, and it should be PRISM, and not Edward, that the US cracks down on:
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No to the torture of children!

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Mazin Qumsiyeh


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