Friday, June 14

New Israel's proposed Terrorism Law: legalising Administrative Detention

A new draft of “Terrorism Law” was recently proposed by the Israeli government. The new law seems to add to legalise the existing human rights violations especially the detention of Palestinians.  It also targets non-governmental organisations in occupied Palestine 1948 and the West Bank.

Many of the law’s articles demonstrate that Israel is legalising its apartheid in front of the world. Freedom of movement of suspects will be restricted in addition to the legalising administrative dentition. Israeli police and army will have more authorities to humiliate and abuse Palestinians on daily basis.

“The proposed law permits a suspect to be held for up to 96 hours before being brought before a judge, and revises the period of detention of 'terrorist suspects' without charge up to 30 days. It also enables court hearings to be held in the absence of the suspect and denial of counsel for prolonged periods.” Suggests the law

More importantly, the new law gives legal cover for the illegal administrative detention of Palestinian people. 
“The law extends scope of the law permitting Administrative Detention (internment without trial), enabling the minister of defence to also impose “control orders” prohibiting the suspect from leaving a place or area, to impose exit bans from the country, and to ban suspects’ access to certain places, for a period of up to one year. It also enables police and army extensive authority to search persons and premises or carry out “any reasonable act” for the enforcement of these limitations.”  Says the proposed law, as published in a memorandum by the Israeli Justice Ministry. 

According to the law, detainees conceited with so called 'terrorism' will serve 40-year minimum prison sentences, instead of 30. The conviction will lack legal basis as it will be imposed by ‘Israeli defence minister. The new Israeli law endangers basic human rights like a fair trial before an independent court as the military authorities in Israel represented by defence minister will decide their fate.

Additionally, basic human rights of movement of individuals will be hindered by Israel. Under the new law, “suspects” will not be allowed to leave the country or even move from one local area to another freely. Freedom of movement will be greatly harmed and violated, where International law is clear towards calling for protection for this sacred right.

UFree Network, calls on the International community to put an end to the Israeli violations committed on a daily basis. The new proposed 'terrorism law' aims at abusing the rights of the Palestinian people and suppresses them.

“We are very concerned as the new law will have an impact on the freedom of movement of Palestinian detainees, let alone legalising administrative detention. At the moment, there is no legal cover for administrative definition but the new law will secure it. It’s intended to tell the mainstream in Europe, that those political prisoners and detainees are held under 'terrorist charges'.” Said Khaled Waleed, UFree Network operations coordinator

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