Thursday, June 13

Mercedes Benz Smashes Through Israel’s Apartheid Wall

UPDATE:  1 June, 2013  This wonderful commercial was aired during a woman’s tennis match on mainstream TV, THANKS Mercedes Benz!  Reports are also coming in that it is airing in Italy.
The Mercedes car corporation appears to take to heart the plea by rock great Roger Waters to “Tear down this Israeli wall” in their latest commercial.  The wall in the 30 second spot, airing on major sportscasts in the USA this weekend, bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous apartheid wall Israel has built in order to grab land from the Palestinian people.  The vertical grey cement pillars in the commercial are strikingly similar.  The description of the ad states:

“Meet the reimagined 2013 GLK-Class. One boundary-breaking SUV.”

Palestinians live day to day against the backdrop of this illegal wall, built by Israel to confiscate land. It will take a little more than a Mercedes 2013 GLK-Class SUV to break down this illegal “boundary,” but it surely will fall.  POSTNOTE:  At 19 seconds, the driver of the Mercedes, is shown in the rear view mirror, he looks Palestinian.

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