Thursday, June 13

Israel minister says there will never be a Palestinian state

In a shocking statement released on Wednesday night, Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Danny Danon disclosed Israeli policies towards Palestinians, saying that Israel will take over all the empty lands of the West Bank and Palestinian affairs would be run by the Jordanians.
Danon, a Likud member, told the Israeli Channel I TV that a Palestinian state will not be created at all.
“There will be no Palestinian state at all. Enough of misleading the public regardless of US efforts to restart the peace talks,” he said. “Whether the US Secretary of State John Kerry has come up with a new peace initiative or not, there will never be an independent Palestinian state.” Danon claimed, “The Palestinians will be gathered in communities and whose affairs will be solely run by the Jordanians.”
“Israeli members of Knesset and the cabinet members strongly support me in my view although they do not express their opinions frankly and honestly,” he said. “Danon is an honest man who discloses the Israeli real policies and plans,” Ahmad Al Tibi, an Arab member of Knesset said. “The Israeli premier and other cabinet members put obstacles in the way of Kerry and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.”
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