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Harper "Government stonewalling and possibly spying to shield controversial charity!

Here is an article an article of interest on the Jewish National Fund and published in the widely read  progressive Canadian ezine It is written by Independent Jewish Voices.  Below are links to my article on the Jewish National Fund. Outlook Magazine is published by the Canadian Jewish Outlook Society. Rabble published my article back in April 9, 2013.
"The JNF: Charitable tax Status for Racism?" by Edward C. Corrigan, Outlook Magazine, September/October, 2008, p. 19 and p. 39.
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"The JNF: Charitable tax status for racism?" by Edward C. Corrigan, April 9, 2008

Ed Corrigan

Government stonewalling and possibly spying to shield controversial charity | 
Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) is disturbed that the Canadian government is spending public funds and resorting to unprecedented political tactics to protect the charitable status of the controversial Jewish National Fund (JNF) from public scrutiny. Foreign Affairs have gone so far as to promote the 'monitoring' of an IJV event criticizing the JNF. IJV is working towards exposing the discriminatory nature of the JNF, which is affecting one of the JNF's charitable branches here in Canada.

JNF-Canada is a registered charity, despite the JNF being a quasi-governmental organization in Israel that discriminates against non-Jews in its land-holdings, and supports illegal Israeli settlers and settlement infrastructure in Palestinian territories.
According to documents recently released under Access to Information legislation, Foreign Affairs spokesperson Caitlin Workman called on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to "monitor” a 2011 IJV event in Ottawa. Under the headline "Event you may want to monitor,” Caitlin Workman sent a May 13 communication stating: "author of the Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy, Yves Engler, will give a talk on Canada and the Jewish National Fund."
"It is highly unusual for our government to protect a foreign-based charity by seeking to undermine a Canadian organization’s campaign to challenge its charitable status," stated IJV spokesperson, Tyler Levitan.
The CRA is also stonewalling the Auditor General of Canada. Other documents uncovered as part of the Access to Information request reveal that: "The 2010 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada Chapter 7 - Registered Charities" questions the JNF's charitable status. The Auditor General's report asks, "If a registered charity undertakes illegal activities abroad, what action will the CRA take? Will the CRA investigate or revoke the registered status of the Jewish National Fund?"
"Internal documents suggest Canada Revenue Agency employees have spent hundreds of hours following and crafting responses to complaints about the Jewish National Fund, rather than implementing the findings of the Auditor General’s Report," said IJV spokesperson Tyler Levitan. "This is a shocking and political misuse of the Canada Revenue Agency’s mandate by the Harper government."
In what appears to be a quid pro quo, the JNF will be honouring Stephen Harper at its main fundraising Gala on December 1st in Toronto. "It is scandalous that the Harper government uses undemocratic tactics to defend an openly discriminatory organization, uses public money to shield the JNF’s behaviour from public scrutiny, and then has the chutzpah to collude with the JNF to glamorize the Prime Minister at its upcoming Gala. Coming on the heels of the Quebec corruption inquiry into political and mafia collusion, the Harper government's intertwined relationship with the JNF does not pass the smell test," concludes Levitan.
IJV is calling on Canadians to demand accountability from the government for this blatant misuse of public funds and political interference. It is essential to our democracy that the CRA be allowed to act independently of the ideological demands of the Harper government and implement the Auditor General's request to "investigate or revoke the registered status of the Jewish National Fund."

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