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Commemorate the USS Liberty, victims of Israeli attack

Dear Friends,
June marks the anniversary of a telling event in US-Israel relations.
In 1967, 34 American servicemen were killed and 174 wounded -- by their purported ally, Israel.Israeli planes attacked the men's ship, the USS Liberty, on June 8.
Yet many Americans have no idea this attack ever happened. If they do, they have heard the prevailing myth that the attack was accidental.
Very few have heard the overwhelming evidence indicating that the attack was intentional, and that Israel intended to sink the ship altogether, along with everyone on board.
After getting away with this "act of war against the United States” (according to a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), many believe the Israeli government concluded that it could get away with anything.
Join us in countering that view. Help us give Americans the facts on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.
We have created a number of powerful materials on the USS Libertythat can be ordered individually or in "USS Liberty Packs." We also have USS Liberty posters available for order -- click here and look for the last poster on the page.

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50 - Commonly Asked Questions About the USS Liberty trifold brochures
50 - Independent Commission into the Attack on the USS Liberty trifold brochures
50 - Remember the USS Libertybusiness cards
10 - American Media Miss the Boat booklets
10 - Israeli Attacks on the US Navy and Marines booklets
5 - Remember the Liberty Buttons
Order using the link above, download materials from our website to print yourself, or email your order to us your mailing address and how many you want.)
We are prepared to ship orders immediately.
Can't distribute these yourself? Donate so we can provide these materials to student groups and others who can share them.
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* A note on shipping: We generally ship materials using U.S. Post Office Priority Mail envelopes and boxes. These offer a flat rate rather than charging for the weight of the materials included and we have found them to be generally more economical than other methods (remember, printed materials are very heavy, and the Post Office usually charges by weight). They have the added advantage of arriving in two to three days and being very quick and easy for us to send. Current rates (subject to change by the Post Office) are: $5.05 for a large envelope, $11.30 for a medium box and $15.30 for a large box.
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Read Alison Weir's explosive expose: 
The History of
US-Israel Relations

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