Wednesday, June 5

African migrants going to a third country brought to you by the Racist Israeli Government

Press Tv

The Israeli regime has decided to send thousands of African migrants to an undisclosed country in an attempt to stem the influx of migrants.

According to a court document made public on Monday, an Israeli lawyer said that a deal was reached with an unidentified country to absorb the migrants. The lawyer stated that the absorption of the migrants would be “gradual.” 

Tally Kritzman-Amir, an immigration law expert at the Academic Center for Law and Business in Tel Aviv, said, "It is possible to transfer the migrants to a third country," adding, "but the primary responsibility to the rights of the refugees still lies with Israel." 

Later on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "We have stopped the infiltration phenomenon into Israel. Last month only two infiltrators entered Israel, compared to more than 2,000 a year ago. Now we are focused on the infiltrators leaving." 

Over the past eight years, some 60,000 African migrants, mostly from Eritrea or Sudan, have entered Israel via Egypt. 

Israel has built a fence along the border with Egypt to prevent the influx of migrants. Last year, it offered cash to the migrants to leave voluntarily. 

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