Saturday, June 15

A Little Look Into The Suffering Children of Palestine

Kidnapping & Arrests of Children

Especially in Jerusalem many children are kidnapped. By the police, army, settlers and as is showed in a hidden camera captured video you can witness a child abduction of a soccer playing child at broad daylight in Jerusalem by undercover Israeli forces.
7,000 is the estimated number of Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts since 2000, shows a report by
Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP)
87% – Children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody.
91% -  Believed to be blindfolded at some point during their detention.
12 % – The minimum age of criminal responsibility, as stipulated in the Military Order 1651.
62% - The percentage of children arrested between 12am and 5am.

  • Undercover forces captured on film kidnapping a child in – video
  • Silwan Targeted – video
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  • Stolen Children, Stolen Lives ~ Israel’s arrest & abuse of Palestinian Children – video
  • 383 Palestinian children arrested in 2011, 15 in the last week alone –Mondoweiss
  • Detaining children is big business for zionism: 900.000$ cashed in 9 months

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