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Tweet this: IDF Twitter account translated for normal people

I was taking a leisurely surf of the IDF Spokesperon's Twitter account the other day, while pondering the chutzpah of that "shitty little country" to launch airstrikes on Syria in an open act of war, then threaten further attacks if Syria defends herself and came across such interesting ditties as:
@IDFSpokesperson, May 24th: #Hamas takes charity money and uses it to fund terror
Gee, isn't that what the Israeli government itself is doing? Taking annual free monetary handouts from the U.S. government, which continues to throw ungodly amounts of FREE U.S. taxpayer dollars at the Israeli government when our own country is dead broke? Funny, how the IDF Spokesperson completely refrains from tweeting that on the news feed. Here's another one:
May 23rd: #IDF Chief of Staff: The various threats facing #Israel are interconnected
Translated: The various threats the world is facing are interconnected. They all seem to revolve around psychopathic government crime syndicates ( UK, Israeli and U.S.) and multinational corporations. The only GENUINE threat Israel is facing right now, as far as I can determine - meaning, the Israeli people themselves - is the one posed by their own Zionist political and religious leadership, who continue to deceive, exploit and manipulate everyday Israelis, and to misuse the military, in order to advance a diabolical and murderous agenda - same as here in the U.S.

This next one's a doozy:
May 20th: These #IDF soldiers aren't just #Israel's future educators - they're making a difference right now
Right... Let's think about this. IDF soldiers are Israel's future educators. This brainwashed psychopathic army of murderers is tasked with 'educating' Israeli children... more like, 'indoctrination and programming'. Lessons in 'justifiable' mass murder, torture and apartheid await, kids! It's not enough that the IDF is killing innocent civilians on a regular basis. No, they must also infect and contaminate the children, all in the name of their 'Holy Land' and their psychopathic government crime syndicate - and they call it 'teaching'. Who wants their child to be taught by a murderer?
May 17th: Take advantage of your weekend at one of Israel's beaches. We'll be here to protect the coast. #ShabbatShalom!
Now doesn't that sound like a fun time! You've got the IDF military spokesperson GUARANTEEING that you, as a non-Arab, will be allowed to swim and play safely in the water or bask leisurely on the beach. The IDF will be there in full gear to ensure that your playtime goes seamlessly. Just what I'd want to see at the beach: armed soldiers. It's creepy how the IDF spokesperson intersperses tweets involving violent clashes, IDF searches, rocket and rock-throwing incidents, arrests of Palestinians, simultaneously reinforcing the fear factor while encouraging people to go enjoy themselves. Gotta hammer that fear into the populace, one brain at a time.... but hey, surf's up. You may even get to see the Israeli navy firing on Palestinian fishermen who happen to stray beyond the Israeli-imposed fishing limit in PALESTINIAN waters!
Apr. 23rd: Chief of Staff: If the quiet is not maintained in Gaza, we can act in many ways to strengthen deterrence.
Translated: Gaza must be QUIET or the IDF will go in there, chests a-thumpin', nostrils a-flarin' and damned well MAKE it quiet. Screaming, terrified children have a way of killing the silence of a militarily occupied city. We should all be able to 'understand' that besieging a population with airstrikes has the potential to create all kinds of NOISE, which disturbs Israeli settlers. What is needed, you see, is silence - no screaming, no wailing, no grieving in the streets. Instead, the IDF maintains due diligence to ensure the very necessary 'quiet' required of an open air prison, and this need is enforced at the business end of a gun or at the contact point of a missile, or via switched canisters of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The dead make no sound.

IDF sockpuppet
Apr. 21st: Check out all of our #SocialMedia platforms - FBFlickrGoogle+
The IDF is using every available social media networking site to maintain control over the Israeli people and those who support the policies and practices of Zionist Israel. They are also using social media sites to generate support from those who do not yet see 'just how awesome' apartheid, airstrikes, home demolitions, and mass murder really is. It's pretty pathetic when your military has to lower itself, even further than it already is, by using sites like Facebook and Twitter in very transparent attempts to persuade, coax, and cajole a global audience into believing your terrorist government is both honorable and good and acting in 'self-defense'.
March 8th: Women make up 34% of all IDF soldiers - a figure unparalleled among other militaries. #womensday
Ahh, those special, photogenic, vivacious women of the IDF, trained to serve 'like a boss' in co-ed combat, proficient in the use of advanced weaponry, talented with tactics of torture and humiliation, star students who excel in their mandatory military endeavors and are richly rewarded for their unquestioning execution of war crimes against innocent human beings, many of them children. Just like their male counterparts, only the women serve with a wink and a smile, as seen in photos published on FB over the years. All the while, the IDF exploits their sexuality and femininity in its murderous marketing campaigns. This doesn't seem to bother these women in the least. The pathological contamination of these soldiers has made them malignant by any reasonable human standard of decency.

This also reminds me of that famous quote by Henry Kissinger - which I will modify/add to slightly, below:
"Military men and women are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy (and, apparently, local genocide as well)."
If the combat boot fits, wear it, babe.
May 24th: Smile - it's the weekend. #ShabbatShalom from the #IDF!
"Smile, it's the weekend." Isn't that just sweet and friendly? How creepy is this coming from a military force that engages in ongoing crimes against humanity?

The war for your mind is being waged on multiple fronts via television, print, face-to-face on university campuses and elsewhere, as well as on every available social media networking site and pro-Zionist chatroom on the internet.

The bombardment of propaganda is a critical tool and psychological weapon in perception management. They absolutely cannot allow people in the West, particularly their American and European benefactors, to see what is really going on in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The propaganda is being disseminated with vigor on many pro-Israel/Zionist fronts. Even student campus activists, paid to spread pro-Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per week "from the comfort of home", are dubbed "indispensable soldiers in the war against those seeking to delegitimize Israel", maintaining a steady flow of pro-Zionist news updates intended for a global target demographic - on a minute-by-minute basis.

None of these Zionist supporters seem to realize something.

There is no external threat to worry about when it comes to 'delegitimizing' Israel.

The Zionist Israeli government, controlled by a parade of psychopathic political terrorist leaders, has captured the crown and the title of 'delegitimacy' on its own, all by itself.

Israel delegitimizes itself with its own hypocrisy, with its blatant lies, with its insistent policies of apartheid, discrimination, brutality and seemingly endless forms of torture, kidnapping, illegal detention and detainment, and of course, the ongoing genocidal campaign it has been waging for decades against the indigenous Palestinian population. Both the Israeli and U.S. governments have delegitimized themselves in this way - in the case of Palestine, one for facilitating mass murder and crimes against humanity, and the other for directly perpetrating the crimes being committed against the Palestinian people.

Both governments, as far as I'm concerned, have forfeited any right they may have ever had to be deemed 'legitimate' - forfeiting those 'rights' the day they decided that waging war by deception was the way to go. Both governments (as well as that of the UK) engage in war by deception. The Mossad doesn't hold a monopoly on this sordid practice, nor does the CIA. You cannot call yourself legitimate while operating a KILLING MACHINE that has been raking its way through a procession of countries: Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and every strategic resource-rich point around and in between.

Who in their right mind considers this killing machine 'legitimate'?

To answer that, one must first assess whether they are of 'right mind' to even respond.

And, while Israeli beaches may be sitting there, calling out to locals and tourists alike, warm and inviting to some, I point out to the IDF that not everyone relishes the thought of wallowing in that large well-guarded pool of Palestinian blood.
Lisa Guliani
Lisa Guliani is a former internet-based political talk show host, political writer, researcher, activist, conscientious objector, "known protester', and self-described thought provocateur. When she's not engaged in some odd combination of the above, she's handing out smiles to the elderly, and also enjoys reading, music, cracking jokes, and hanging out with her buddy, Goose, who has yet to realize he's a dog. Her favorite sections of SOTT?
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