Friday, May 3

The Church of Scotland: The inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land' (WOW, A MUST READ!)

The Church of Scotland: The inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land'
(note) : item was removed please see pdf below
"The ‘promised land’ in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This ‘promised land’ can be found – or built – anywhere."
"From this examination of the various views in the Bible about the relation of land to the people of God, it can be concluded that Christians should not be supporting any claims by Jewish or any other people, to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory."
HATS OFF to the The Church of Scotland,



  1. This is an excellent step in the right direction however the missing piece of the puzzle resides in the fact that Paul - having acknowledged the fact that Mount Sinai is in Arabia [currently referred to as Jebel El Laws Mountain of the Almond tree] where Moses reaffirms the EVERLASTING Abrahamic Covenant which, by its very nature cannot be replaced. Paul was regarded by the followers of James the Lord's brother as a Daggala - a wolf in sheep's clothing - along with St. Barnabas who laments Paul's repudiation of the Circumcision and allowing the consumption of "unclean meat".
    Furthermore nowhere do we see a correction of the malicious translation of Genesis 16:12 "Yado Bakol Viyad Kolbo" describing Ishmael as a "Wild Ass of a man - his hand is against all hands and all hands are against him" When is reads "He is indomitable - his hand is in all hands and all hands are in his". The Covenant was made with Abraham and his first born Ishmael. The Prophet who would come after Moses with a fiery renewed version of the Torah mentioned in Deuteronomy 18
    is no other than the Ahmed "the coveted one of All Nations" - Muhammad. Remember Ziporah the wife of Moses was a Arab, who's 2 sons Gershom and Eliazer became priests of Israel even though their mother was a non-Israelite. Unfortunately Paul and Constantine falsified the original gospel accounts in order to maintain the political status quo.

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      So, if God promised it to Abraham and Ishmael, then the promised land, theoretically, belongs to Ishmael's offspring. But, like it says above the promised land is a metaphor. So, to Zionists I say to you there is no exclusive promised land and there are no such people that are "chosen". We are all God's children and He does not play favorites.

    2. Nor in my humble opinion is God in the Real Estate Business!

  2. The Church of Scotland has self-censored and removed its own document from its website at the first sign of pressure by the British Board of Jewish Deputies.

    A new, redacted report will be issued in line with the demands of the “Deputies."

  3. The report has now been deleted under pressure from the powerful Zionist Lobby. Did anyone download a copy and can upload it to ScribD or another site? Thanks

  4. The report has now been uploaded to, I would advise you to download it before it dissapears from there as well:

  5. The Bible contains an apparent error in Genesis where God is reported to have said, "Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love -----etc.
    However Genesis 16:15 states that Isma'il was born when Abraham was 86 years old and Genesis 21:5 states that Isaac was not born until Abraham was 100 years old. Therefore Isma'il was 14 years older than Isaac and was the first born son of Abraham as is stated in the Quran. Also the Prophet Muhammed traces his lineage to Abraham through his first born son, Isma'il.