Friday, May 10

Shimon Peres praises the ADL

Founded 100 years ago to fight racism, the Anti-Defamation League has become first and foremost, a leading pro-Israel mouthpiece. 

For the record re Shimon Peres: 

"During Israel's 1996 "Grapes of Wrath" campaign in Lebanon and under the watch of Prime Minister Peres, the Qana massacre occurred.

"At a U.N. compound near the village of Qana, 800 Lebanese civilians sought refuge from the fighting. Showing utter disregard for both the U.N. and the civilians they sheltered, the IDF shelled the compound, killing 106 innocents and injuring more than 100.

"A U.N. investigation concluded it was unlikely that the shelling was due to gross technical or procedural errors, as Israel had first claimed. After constantly shifting explanations, Peres justified the attack by blaming Hezbollah, using the tired and discredited 'human shield' excuse. Other investigations were more forthright: an Amnesty International inquiry found that the attack was 'intentional and is condemned.'  Similarly, Human Rights Watch's report stated, 'We have declared this a massacre that was intentional using very highly accurate missiles and explosives.' "  ( of Deception by Rannie Amiri)    

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