Friday, May 17

Nakba events videos

Below is a short commentary from an academic that is accurate in describing why a human descends to commit atrocity (human nature and bubble effects).  In Palestine we see the Israeli-Zionist bubble that created “monsters” acting without conscience and continuing a process of ethnic cleansing that started in 1948 and that now left 7 million Palestinians refugees/displaced people (largest refugee population in the world). Countless massacres were committed along the way. Below are also links to sample videos of Nakba commemorations and an article I wrote about future outlook.

Why a man eats another man’s heart

Samples from hundreds of Palestinian commemorations of Nakba (you can google for more)
Jerusalem v=iL-B20wc8TE
Ofer Prison (Ramallah are)
Beit Sahour

Just one Nakba story

Other coverage

PLO Charter was not legally amended.. election to a new PNC can update and reinvigorate the Palestinian struggle for liberation and self determination

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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