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Mazin Qumsiyeh With More on Nakba

"On the night of 22-23 May 1948, a week after the declaration of the State of Israel, the Palestinian coastal village of Tantura (population 1,500) was attacked and occupied by the Israeli army. The village, about 35  kilometers from Haifa, lay within the area assigned to Israel under the UN General Assembly's partition resolution. In its occupation, depopulation, subsequent destruction, and seizure of all its lands by Israel, the fate of Tantura was similar to that of more than 400 other Palestinian villages during the 1948 war. But it also shared with some two score of these villages the additional agony of a large scale massacre of its  inhabitants."
For the first time since 1948 the children and grandchildren of the refugees can see their homeland from which their fathers were expelled. When they tried to return in 1948, they were shot dead as 'infiltrators'. Now the father and his children can see Palestine as it was in 1948. They can fly over it, but only in preparation for the day when they will actually walk over its soil and recover their patrimony. Click this link:

Alnakba History (English)  

Zionists plan to colonize Palestine in 1899 NY Times

Zochrot is a group that does excellent work in education among Israeli Jews and others about the Nakba (Catasstrophe of ethnic cleansing).  For example they just added video interviews with Isreali soldiers who were there as they were committing massacres and war crimes.  It is available in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. "We, Zochrot, want to enable a different, alternative memory to the hegemonic memory. A memory that is not aggressive and destructive, that does not erase. We want to create sites of commemoration that will allow for the discovery of a another face to this landscape. "

Two great films
-The Gatekeepers: Six former heads of the Shin Bet, Israel’s secretive internal security service, have spoken out as a group for the first time and are making stunning revelations.
-The Stones Cry Out by Yasmine Perne The Stones Cry Out   ( [We watched this in Bethlehem as part of Nakba events in our area].
Relevant to this see Palestinian Christians Struggle with Israeli Occupation by Father Johnny Abu Khalil

More Recent Nakba events videos

Single democratic state in historic Palestine, take two: A new Palestinian initiative seeks to revive the PLO's old-time strategy, abandoned following the Oslo Accords. It includes Israel's Jewish population, but without calling them by name

Catastrophic thinking: Did Ben-Gurion try to rewrite history?: The file in the state archives contains clear evidence that the researchers at the time did not paint the full picture of Israel's role in creating the Palestinian refugee problem.By Shay Hazkani

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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