Sunday, May 26

Congratulations Palestine

"Omar," a breathtaking film by the director of "Paradise Now," won at the Cannes Film festival this week. The film wascompletely funded by Palestinians. Congratulations to everyone and make sure you put this on your 'must see' list.

Palestinian film 'Omar' takes prize at Cannes

A tragic love story between two Palestinians living under Israeli occupation received an award for Un Certain Regard 'Jury' prize at the Cannes film festival on Monday and broke new ground as the first film fully funded by the Palestinian cinema industry.

"Omar" by director Hany Abu-Assad, known for the 2005 award-winning film "Paradise Now", is a political thriller interwoven with a story of trust and betrayal as two lovers are torn apart by Israel's secret police and Palestinian freedom fighters.

Omar, a baker, is in love with Nadia, the sister of his friend Tarek who is a Palestinian fighter on the West Bank.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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