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Canadian Arab Federation Court Date Against Jason Kenney

                                       PRESS RELEASE
                                                                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
  Canadian Arab Federation                                                                                   May 25, 2013
La Fédération Canado-Arabe
"De-Funding of CAF is an attack on the rights of all Canadians " 
In March 2009, as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney announced that he would cut federal funding to the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization serving the Canadian-Arab community since 1967. At the time, CAF was providing settlement services and running a highly successful LINC program to the newcomer community.
Funding was cut under the false and unsubstantiated allegations that CAF was anti-Semitic. CAF stands firmly against any form of racism and prejudice and continues to assert that the abrupt and unwarranted decision to cut federal funding is one based on a personal grudge held against CAF by Jason Kenny
On Tuesday May 28 - Thursday May 30, 2013, CAF's case will be heard at the Federal Court in Toronto (180 Queen Street West).
The Canadian Arab Federation will contest the failure of Jason Kenney in his role as the   Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to represent the Canadian Government in an impartial and balanced way, upholding the liberal values of tolerance, mutual respect and the right to freedom of speech.
Jasmine Noureddin
Executive Director
Canadian Arab Federation
1057 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M1W 3W6

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