Wednesday, May 15

Breaking: The Canadian Government Now Considers The Birth Place Of All Palestinians To Be West Bank Of Jordon

Just Yesterday May 15 2013 - I was assisting a Palestinian Friend with a renewal of his Canadian Passport and to my surprise when trying to enter his birthplace there was no mention of Palestine, Occupied Palestinian Territories, West Bank or Gaza, just the face that if you are From Palestine the only option you have is to say where you we're born is in the West Bank Jordon.

Go here and see for yourself

My friend left that space blank and printed out the form and inserted his real birth place: Nablus Palestine now we wait and see if he gets his passport.

Shame on The Canadian Government and I hope everyone with heart and a sense of justice starts the outcry on this. Contact Officials in Jordon, Canada and the United Nations to denounce this action.



  1. The Canadian government's position has no basis in law.
    Jordan's annexation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem/the Old City, in April 1950, was rejected by all other Arab states, the United Nations and the U.S. Only Britain and Pakistan agreed. Hence, the West Bank and East Jerusalem were NEVER part of Jordan. Indeed, in 1988, Jordan's King Hussein formally declared that the West Bank and East Jerusalem belong to Palestinians, i.e., the native inhabitants.

  2. BTW, my comment obove is based on the fact that the copy of the Pass Port Application provided above refers to the "WEST BANK OF THE JORDAN - JORDAN."

  3. Anonymous3:29 pm

    I have been on the Government of Canada website at the link posted in the article, and have reviewed the document. When a Palestinian is filling out the application for the passport and is instructed to click on his birth place from the list provided you will see there is no mention of the word Palestine, Occupied, West Bank Or Gaza. Jordon is listed as well as West Bank Jordon. What is their problem, this Canadian Government.

  4. Anonymous10:24 am

    20 years ago I did put Palestine in my passport, and it is still there. The photo copy of the application provided with the blog is different from the application of the government that appears in the link that is in the blog too.
    My question is: Is this a new form of the passport application the government intends to apply?