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America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime

Stephen Lendman

Longstanding ties remain firm. Both 

nations are imperial partners. Naked 

aggression is official policy. Regime 

change in Syria is planned. Daily events head inexorably toward 

full-scale intervention.

The latest incident ups the stakes. On May 4, The New York Times 

headlined "Israel Bombs Syria as the US Weighs Its Own Options," 


An unnamed US official said "Israel bombed a target in Syria 

overnight Thursday. (Washington) consider(s its own) military 

options, including carrying out (its) own airstrikes."

According to Reuters, "(t)he attack took place on Friday after 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet approved it 

in a secret meeting on Thursday night…."

These type meetings often precede imminent action. They're held to 

approve them.

CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr said "(t)he United 

States believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria, two US 

officials tell CNN."
US and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing 
classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike 
in the Thursday-Friday time frame, according to both 
This is the same time frame that the US collected additional 
data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes 
over Lebanon.
An unnamed Israeli military source said "(w)e will do whatever is 

necessary to stop the transfer of weapons from Syria to terrorist 

organizations. We have done it in the past and we will do it if 

necessary the future."
Pretexts are easy to create. Washington and Israel do so to justify 

crimes of war and against humanity.

According to the NYT, "(t)he target was not a Syrian chemical 

weapons facility…." The same unnamed US official said a building 

was struck. 

Lebanon's Daily Star said "(e)ight Israeli warplanes violated 

Lebanon's airspace in a span of 14 hours, flying over large swarths 

of the country, Army officials announced Friday."

Israeli military aircraft do so almost daily. This time was different. 

Lebanese overflights were "unusually high." At 7PM local time, 

they began.

Two Israeli warplanes entered Lebanese airspace west of Sidon. 

They "conducted aerial maneuvers." They left four hours later.

"Ten minutes" before they departed, "another two warplanes 

entered entered" Lebanese airspace "west of Jounieh." More 

maneuvers followed. They returned to Israel after midnight.
"At 12:35 AM, another sortie of two 

warplanes entered Lebanese airspace" near 

Beirut. They also conducted maneuvers. 

They left before 3:15 AM.

"At 6 AM, two more warplanes" overflew 

overflew "all Lebanese regions." They left 

at 8:50 AM. 

Overflying another nation's airspace without authorization violates 

international law. Israel does it regularly. Lebanon is violated 

virtually daily. Multiple daily overflights happen often. Usually it's 

for reconnaissance. Other times it's for targeted strikes or war.

An updated Reuters report headlined "Israel confirms Syria strike, 

says hit Hezbollah-bound missiles." 

On Saturday, an unnamed Israeli official admitted the airstrike. 

Claiming it was to destroy "Hezbollah-bound missiles" doesn't 

wash. More on that below.

Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) headlined "Israel Air Force 

bombs Syrian chemical and other targets from Lebanon, Golan," 


Bombing occurred from "Lebanese air space and the Golan starting 

Friday and continuing until early Saturday…." According to US 

sources, "16 IAF warplanes took part."

"Some sources said the target attacked was a convoy transporting 

chemical arms (to) Hizbollah…." Israeli and US sources lack 


DF said Washington gave Israel "a video demonstration" of its 

upgraded bunker buster bomb (Massive Ordnance Penetrator - 


On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported it. It said the Pentagon 

did so "to combat Iran." At issue is targeting its "most heavily 

fortified and defended nuclear site." Fordow is well protected. It's 

deep underground.
US officials see development of the weapon as critical to
convincing Israel that the US has the ability to prevent Iran 
from getting a nuclear bomb if diplomacy fails, and also 
that Israel's military can't do that on its own.
On May 3, Michel Chossdovsky said:
The MOP Massive Ordinance Penetrator is nicknamed the 
'mother of all bombs.' Its use would inevitably trigger an 
out war against Iran with a scenario of military escalation.
In October 2009, "the Pentagon confirmed (its intention) to use the

 'Mother of All Bombs' (MOAD) against Iran." Doing so would 

cause mass casualties. The upgraded version would cause many 


MOABs "are WMDs in the true sense of the word. (Their) hidden 

objective (is) mass destruction and mass civilian casualties with a 

view to instilling fear and despair."

Perhaps Washington plans using it against Syria for the same 

purpose. Longstanding policy is destroying targeted nations. It's 

been that way since WW II. 

Today's weapons are far more powerful than earlier ones. In short 

order, they're able to annihilate humanity entirely. It can happen 

whether or not planned.

Details of Israel's latest attack are sketchy. It wasn't the first lawless 

IDF action. For sure it won't be the last.

Last November, IDF tanks shelled cross border six times in one 

week. Anti-tank missiles and other munitions were used. In 

February, Israeli warplanes struck several Syrian targets. Reports 

alleged a weapons and munitions convoy heading for Lebanon was 


Previous articles discussed what happened. They asked why Assad 

would send vitally needed weapons and munitions to Lebanon? 

It makes no sense. He needs all he can get. If reports were accurate, 

evidence would have corroborated them. None was forthcoming. 
At the time, DEBKAfile said Obama "green 

light(ed)" Israel to attack. Doing so revealed 

Israel's involvement in Washington's war. 

So is NATO. Naked aggression is 

longstanding alliance policy. It very much 

reflects how Israel and America operate. 

Imperial priorities matter most. Rule of law principles are discarded.

War is a way of life. Both nations prioritize it. They're warrior 

states. Syria's being systematically ravaged. It may be entirely 

destroyed before conflict ends. 

Israel's latest attack ups the stakes. It appears nakedly transparent. 

On the one hand, Israel's flexing its military muscle. On the other, 

it's daring Syria to respond. 

Doing so would likely trigger Washington-led NATO full-scale 

intervention. Perhaps Israel would get involved. Anything can 

happen any time.

An unnamed Israeli Washington embassy spokesman declined 

commenting on Friday’s incident. 

He said only that "Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of 

chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian 

regime to terrorists, specially to Hezbollah in Lebanon."

These type statements don't wash. No evidence corroborates

 allegations about Syrian chemical weapons use or transfers. 

Fabricated claims heighten tensions. Doing so heads things closer to 

all-out war. Libya 2.0 appears likely. Launching it could come any 



Early Sunday morning, Israel bombed Syria for the second straight 

day. Powerful blasts shook Damascus. Massive fires followed.

Washington and Israel share joint responsibility. Hindsight may 

show that these attacks began full-scale intervention. It's too early 

to know for sure. A follow-up article will discuss more.

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