Friday, April 19

Palestine Marathon and Prisoner day

Join us in the first ever Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem 21 April 2013

Gaza athletes banned from participation
Prisoner Day is April 17

Israel destroys West Bank community center, arrests 20

Zionist intellectuals offer a Pizza to Samer Issawi
(Yoav wrote: I "wondered" why they didn't turn to the government to release Samer - then I started to remember where this people stand on all other issues…)

New book: This is a compilation of 22 Palestinian prisoners' experiences in Israeli jails . 1,027 prisoners were released in 2011 as part of the exchange with Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and 22 of them were interviewed by journalists. These accounts were translated into English at the Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS) in Gaza, and edited. The diaries are now being finalised for publication.
book review by Richard Falk

Murder By Neglect? ‘Palestinians suffer in Israeli jails from medical apathy’ Mazin Qumsiyeh

New website: Stop administrative detentions

Marwan Barghouti: PA neglects Palestinian prisoners

There is a new post in Free Haifa - telling the intriguing details about the release of Comrade Muhammad Kana'aneh - Abu As'ad - the Secretary General of Abna AlBalad (2000-2011). Mabrook Abu As'ad...But the occupation, 65 years, on is not getting any better. Salamat, Yoav
(BTW, I met and interviewed Abu As’ad at his home and found him to be a most congenial and dedicated activist for human rights.  For him to be punished repeatedly for his human rights work is testament to the fascist state Israel had descended to)

Warsaw Ghetto fighter to Israeli youth: Rise up against the occupation

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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