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Mazin Qumsiyeh : Nakba

"For Europe we would constitute over there (in Palestine) part of a bulwark against Asia as well as the advance post of civilization against barbarism"  Theodore Herzl (founder of modern day Political Zionism), Judenstaat, 1896
"Within a few years the wars of consolidation and expansion began. Ironically enough, the horrors of the Holocaust became the rationalization for the preparation by Zionists of acts of genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine. Those of us who, in the years that were to follow, raised our voices publicly against the violent apartheid of the Israeli state were vilified by the Zionist press.” Joe Slovo, ANC leader who happened to be Jewish

ACTION: The Palestinian People inside historic Palestine and in exile call for a global mobilization on the Nakba day 15 May 2013 against apartheid and colonization and for the rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands. We urge you to organize events in your cities or to join existing ones.  We also urge you to engage in all forms of popular resistance including the Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS), civil disobedience, demonstrations, and media work etc. Justice is the only route to peace
يدعوكم الشعب الفلسطيني في فلسطين التاريخية وفي الشتات الى المشاركة في الحراك العالمي يوم ١٥ ايار ٢٠١٣ والذي يصادف الذكرة ال ٦٥ للنكبة، ضد التمييز العنصري والاستعمار ومن أجل حقوق اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في العودة الى بيوتهم وديارهم
واننا ندعوكم لتنظيم الفعاليات في مدنكم وان تشاركوا في الفعاليات الشعبية التي ستنظم في مناطكم وفعاليات المقاطعة وسحب الاستثمارات وفرض العقوبات على اسرائيل ونشاطات العصيان المدني والمظاهرات والعمل الاعلامي
ان العدالة هي الطريق الوحيد للسلام

A Palestinian in Exile explains why she is so blessed

Action Campaign: “TIAA-CREF is one of the largest financial services in the United States, considered to be one of  the largest retirement systems in the world. We want TIAA-CREF to stop investing in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation”

(Israelis use satire to make people think) Happy Ethnic Cleansing Day!

For all you need to know on Nakba, see

Zochrot: New Nakba map

Call for Conference Proposals: From Truth to Redress: Realizing the Return of Palestinian Refugees // International Conference in Tel Aviv, September 2013

Israel fines Palestinians for raising flags

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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