Saturday, March 2

Redefining Anti-Semitism, Reviewing Mark Glenn’s Startling Video

Racism or hard science and real history? Discuss below.

Is Glenn Correct in Naming Jews as Leading Anti-Semites?

Study Proves “White Supremacists” all Have “Jewish Blood”

By Gordon Duff, 

In December, 2012, John’s Hopkins published a genome study on the Jewish people clearly indicating, if we choose to find humor in such things, that the average “knuckle-dragging white supremacist” is more Jewish than any Israeli Jew.
(Yes, this is Veterans Today sticking its finger in the ugly eyes of the ADL and their good friends, America’s neo-Nazi brigands.)
Those of us who violently oppose racism of all kinds have long deplored the outlandish issues of racial superiority.  A trip to Walmart destroys the myth of white superiority in seconds.  (You know what I mean.)
First, watch Mark Glenn’s powerful video:

Then review the hard science, done by an Israeli American scientist, that supports much of Glenn’s acerbic assault on what he sees as the hypocrisy of victimization mythology:

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