Saturday, February 2

Netanyahu Tells America It’s Now Or Never

Netanyahu has drawn a line in the sand, only this time, it’s for the U.S.
According to a Maariv report, when speaking to a visiting delegation from the American Jewish Committee, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was simply not strong enough to force a halt to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. In order to halt the program, Bibi said, the U.S. would have to strike, and they must do so this year.
“The sanctions are only likely to stop Iran if there is a credible (military) threat over their head … and in order for it to be a credible threat, you need to mean it, meaning that if the sanctions don’t work – and they haven’t until now – you will use it,” he said.
He followed this up by saying that 2013 would be the last year America could effectively put an end to Iran’s nuclear program. If not, they would get their hands on enriched uranium and build a bomb in “a short time” according to Netanyahu.
Others seem to think a strike would be ineffective.
An AP article published late last year covered a report compiled by the nation’s top national security experts and former military commanders. The report indicated that a “surgical strike” would only set back Iran’s nuclear capability.
“You can’t kill intellectual power,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. Frank Kearney, former deputy director at the National Counterterrorism Center and former deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations Command who endorsed the report.
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  1. Bibi is a certifiable nut job. When are you Israelis gonna get rid of him??

  2. History will put Benji Netanyahu in the same league of vermin as Adolf Hitler. He reminds me of myself when I came back from Viet Nam. Every problem for me had a gun solution.

  3. Anonymous1:01 am

    Same old bollocks year by year from Bibi... is he trying to provoke attack on Jerusalem to clear the Dome from the Temple Mount ready for Solomon's Temple rebuild ? Given the Vatican has 60% control or ownership of Jerusalem, will this Temple be for the Jews or for the Vatican Ecumenical Seat of World Power as claimed in Papal Bulls since Sanctum Unam in 1302? The last plot I heard of was in 1980, supposed extreme right wing Jews planting Semtex under the Dome... but it was apparantly considered too inflamatory... So maybe it is better to provoke Muslims to attack Jerusalem and then blow it and blame it on rocket attack. This would create Mayhem in the nation of Islam...and if they took vengeance on Israel, passport may be given for UN interference and yet more widespread Muslim genocide...