Friday, February 15

Join United Network for a Just Peace in Palestine, Not just for United Church members

Dear Friends,

A year ago, The United Church of Canada  launched a national network of
concern for Palestine/Israel, called "The United Network for a Just
Peace in Palestine/Israel" (better known as "UNJPPI"). We need members
to make this a powerful voice both in the United Church as well as
throughout Canada.

Please sign up to register as a member. It costs no money, and
membership in the United Church of Canada (UCC) is not required -- people indicate on the
membership whether or not they are members of the United Church. It is
important to be a member because we will be launching campaigns which
will call for member participation. We need more members to make the
difference we are all looking for.

Please be part of this new effort. We want to be an important movement
for education and peace for all Canadians. Please sign up right now for
membership at  and also encourage your friends who care
about this to do the same.


Karin Brothers

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