Saturday, February 2

BDS event scheduled at Brooklyn College under attack

Stand With Us, financed and supported by the Israeli Government, continues to promote Islamophobia on U.S. college campuses via zionist student groups trained to squelch any events critical of Israel's policies.  Let's hope Karen  L. Gould, President of Brooklyn College, doesn't cave in to zionist pressure.

While recognizing that some members here don't care to know what groups like Stand With Us are doing, I believe it is better to be informed so that we can mount a counter protest in cases such as this.  Karen Gould is under extreme pressure to reverse her decision to allow a Support BDS event on campus, and it is important that she hear from those of us who support her decision.  Otherwise she will be bombarded by anti-BDS complaints from members of very well organized & financed zionist groups.

While zionist propagandists such as Michael Oren and Ron Proser seem to have little problem getting to speak on U.S. campuses, any pro-Palestinian speakers or events are immediately criticized and challenged by the Stand With Us crowd.  We need to be vigilant in supporting such events.

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