Monday, January 7

It's 2013 do you have 2013 Colors from Palestine Calendar

Dear friends and supporters,

Resistance art is a Toronto based organization; we publish a yearly Palestinian art calendar “Colors fromPalestine”. The calendars are used to shed some light on the art and cultural life in Palestine and to fundraise for artists and cultural organizations.

The theme of the 2013 “Colors from Palestine” calendar is the art of the Palestinian embroidery.

All proceeds from the sales of the calendars will benefit the “Young Artists Forum” in Gaza
To view and buy the 2013 calendar on line please visit:

To place an order, via email please email your order to:
Or call 416-890-2331

To pay with a personal check in any currency, please fill in and mail the order form:

Once again, thank you for your continued support;
Please forward this email to your contacts.

In Solidarity
Resistance Art

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