Monday, January 21

Israeli army blocks aid delivery to West Bank residents

RAMALLAH, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli army blocked a convoy from delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian residents of Jordan Valley in northern West Bank, an aid worker said Saturday.
The convoy was carrying winter outfits, mattresses, food and toys for about 30 families whose makeshift shelters were destroyed by stormy weather recently, said the aid worker named Nedaa Yousif.
The Israeli army gave no clear justification for preventing the 300-member convoy and the goods they were carrying from reaching the area, Yousif said.
The Jordan Valley territories make 26 percent of the West Bank and are largely under Israeli security and administrative control.
Nedaa Yousif organized a sit-in at an Israeli army checkpoint on the way to Jordan Valley, protesting the Israeli measures against the aid convoy.
Nour Oudeh, the Palestinian government's spokesperson, described banning the delivery of the goods as "very dangerous measures."


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