Tuesday, November 20

U.S. People Should Choose Sides in Israel Palestine Gaza War


by Johnny Punish

Yes, that’s right. It’s time to choose sides. But before we do, we must do careful objective study so that we can definitely choose a winner for our collective affections.
So here’s what we do….
First, we watch and read all the USA and Israel news media, then we go to other side and check out the Palestinian and Iranian news on this issue. Then, we go to 3rd party sources e.g. Russia Today (RT) and learn more from a 3rd party.
Okay, so now that we have the full spectrum of information to make an informed pick on who we ought to side with.
Now, of course we all know that, in the USA, they government and media have already told us that Palestinians are terrorists and Israeli have an “unbreakable bond” with us. Today, Obama declared this bond again and that Israel has a right to defend itself. So they make it easy for us to choose. They are our leaders so why question them right?
Wow, that was easy! Go back to your job at the plant! Done!
But wait! As it turns out, surprise, we’re being lied to again! Who knew? I mean, after the bull shit they gave us with WMDs and linking Saddam with Al-Qaeda, I thought they would get off that lie train. But noooooooo! Here they are again playing games with truth to justify their agenda of profits, prophets, war, arms, and control of resources masking as some venture into democracy, freedom, liberty, and justice. Opps! We got duped again! Gosh, are we stupid or what?
Of course, on the other side, they are selling their stuff too….so let us not pass the morality compass to the other guys who throw bottle rockets. They too have an agenda.
Ok, so what do we really have?
Every leader is lying to us; selling us garbage, throwing bombs killing women and children, and telling us they have the right to do it because they are victims.
But as it turns out, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim peoples are much more similar in wants, needs, and ambitions. We all want peace, jobs, schools for our kids, and opportunities for jobs, and a chance to enjoy the boring machinations of life that make being alive super duper.
Worse for all of us, as it turns out, there are people making a ton of money off wars and killings. They have no interest in justice, liberty, freedom, democracy or the pursuit of happiness. They narrowly care about profits and power, that’s it and leave us, JA PEOPLE holding the bag. And it totally sucks!
So yes America, it’s time to choose who you side with….but be careful because buying the lies only makes harder on all of us. Instead, I strongly encourage us to side with JA PEOPLE. By JA PEOPLE, I mean all of us. That includes the Israeli boy in living in southern Israel who was hurt yesterday by an errant missile from Gaza. And that includes the Palestinian girl who was obliterated by a heat seeking U.S. made guided missile sent from a U.S Taxpayer funded F-15 plane.
What we should be siding with is all of us, not just some of us.
It’s time the USA mature and see the global world around us.
As for the faux leaders who sell the kill and maim actions to us, well, if they even injure, maim, or kill even one child on either side, we need to arrest them for crimes against humanity immediately. That goes for President Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniya and all their assigns who take such action against us, JA PEOPLE!
The 20th century is gone now and we, JA PEOPLE, are here now. And there is no place for occupation, holocausts, genocides, and ethnic cleansing. It’s over and the only thing left now is jail for those who take that action.
So memo to all my fellow Americans, re-think who we should side with?
Should we side with JA PEOPLE and against all warmongers on all sides? Or should we continue to look the other way when Israel bombs and kills more and more Gazans in
the name of defense with our taxpayer dollars in our name?
I say reject the 20th century notions and grab on to all the people, JA PEOPLE!
Peace out!


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