Friday, November 16

Resistance Hits Tel Aviv But Will It Stop Israeli Uncalled For Attacks On Gaza

it's being reported that residents in Tel Aviv are hearing air raid sirens for a second time in the ongoing crisis after Hamas reportedly fired a long-range rocket at Israel’s second-largest city and capital.
Witnesses said a loud explosion was heard in Tel Aviv after the siren went off.
Israeli police reported that the rocket caused no injuries and most likely fell into the Mediterranean Sea.
Qassam Brigades claimed they used M75 homemade missile to attack Tel Aviv.
All public shelters in Tel Aviv are now being unlocked and made available. 
Tel Aviv is targeted by a Hamas attack for a second day in a row, as the conflict escalates. On Thursday evening the air raid alert was sounded and a rocket landed in the sea in front of Jaffa Beach, south of the city.
The alert was the first in Tel Aviv since the 1991 Gulf War. Israel’s second-largest city is located far enough from Gaza not to be targeted by the smaller-range missiles and mortar shells, which Palestinian militants generally fire across the border.

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