Tuesday, November 20

Over 120 Protesters In West Bank Detained Since Start of War on Gaza

 A total of 120 Palestinians or more were arrested for participating in protests in solidarity with the people of Gaza since the beginning of the war on the Strip, said a report by the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs.
The report said that most of the participants in the protests were minors. They were heavily beaten up by Israeli soldiers and detained in detention centers.
Prisoners’ Affairs Ministry lawyer Jamil Sa’adeh said that a number of prisoners detained in Huwara military camp went on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment by the Israeli soldiers.
“They were placed in solitary confinement and humid cells filled with waste water and insects,” he said.
One of the protesters, who were detained at Huwara checkpoint, said that he was heavily beaten at his genitals.
Sa’adeh said that prisoner Ayah Hujer from Nablus was arrested at Huwara checkpoint, beaten up at Ariel detention center and was later transferred to HaSharon women prison.

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