Wednesday, November 14

Israel Wants To Defend Itself From These People

Really, Western Tax Money At Work. While the World Starves and even people in the United States & Canada get more and more in debt and go without food. You can count on Israel still sucking the money from our Governments that allow them to work hand and hand with the Corporate Whores, and use our money to create what you see in the following images.

Don't think that Israel has you in mind, they could care less, at the end of the day they will be stabbing you in the back. How many more innocent Palestinian children have to die before finally wake up and see who really controls the American and Canadian Government?

When will you say enough is enough and hold Governments to account. When will countries around Israel finally wake up and deal with this Israel!

Until you do this blood sucking racist state will continue, lets hope your country is not next.


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