Saturday, November 17

Is Gaza a testing ground for experimental weapons yet again

Update: The number of murdered total 43 and the number wounded well over 440.
Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported, Saturday, that four Palestinians were killed during the ongoing Israeli assault against Gaza; 8 have been killed since dawn hours Saturday while at least 41 have been killed Since Wednesday evening; the number of wounded Palestinians exceeds 400.
Reports are coming in that those coming in dead or wounded - medical officials are saying they are saying they are a witness to very suspicious conditions they are in.

The sources said that the Israeli Air Force fired missiles into the Al-Maghazi Refugee Camp, killing three Palestinians and wounding three others.
The slain Palestinians have been identified as Ali Abdul-Hakim Al-Mana’ma, Osama Abdul-Jawad, and Ashraf Darwish.

Medical sources reported that one resident was pronounced dead Saturday after suffering serious injuries suffered during an Israeli bombardment targeting Az-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza.

Earlier on Saturday, the army killed a Palestinian driving a motorcycle in Tal-Al-Sultan neighborhood in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The resident was identified as Mokhlis Adwan, two residents were injured, including a child whose legs were severed due to the blast, medical sources reported.

Five Palestinians were killed and several others were seriously injured, when an Israeli drone fired a missile into Khirbit Al-Adas area in Rafah. Their bodies were severely mutilated; three of them were identified as Awad Hamdi An-Nahhal, Abdul-Rahman Al-Masry, and Mohammad Al-Louji.

Another resident was killed and his body was severely mutilated in northern Gaza; a woman and her four children were injured.

The army continues to bombard civilian areas, including homes and residential towers in different parts of the Gaza Strip. Soldiers also fired several shells into the Jabalia refugee camp, in northern Gaza.

Several homes were also damaged when the army fired several missiles near a mosque in Gaza city. 


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