Thursday, November 22

Hamas: Weapons are being smuggled into Israel

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The Hamas government in Gaza is charging that weapons are being smuggled into Israel. “We are doing our best to blockade Israel and prevent everything except low-nutrition food and minimal medical supplies from entering,” said spokesperson Jehad al-Muqawama “but regardless of our efforts, they are still getting dangerous weapons that are being used to attack us.
RIGHT: Spent Israeli weapons made in USA.
“Palestinians are facing a barbaric enemy that has a callous disregard for human life. No society in the world can be expected to sit back and allow its terrorized population to become sitting ducks for incessant attacks from across the border. We have to defend our right to exist. They are trying to drive us into the sea.”
I met with Mr. al-Muqawama to find out more about the accusation.
    GlossyNews: Mr. al-Muqawama, what evidence do you have that Israel is receiving weapons from outside?
    Al-Muqawama: Ms. Weir, take a look at the remnants of some of the arms that have been used against us. They plainly say, “Made in USA,” not “Made in Israel,” although we get plenty of those, too.
    GlossyNews: How are these weapons getting past your blockade? Are there tunnels into Israel?
    Al-Muqawama: We have not yet found any tunnels, but we believe that Israeli terrorists are being supplied by air and sea military transports.
“We have not yet found any tunnels, but we believe that Israeli terrorists are being supplied by air and sea military transports.”
    GlossyNews: Who is supplying these arms?
    Al-Muqawama: Supporters of terrorism, Ms. Weir – rogue states like the United States, Britain and France. Unfortunately, a few bad seeds are determined to defy the rest of the world. We believe that international sanctions should be imposed against such countries until they stop this activity, although no option should be taken off the table.
    GlossyNews: What about the arms that are being manufactured inside Israel?
    Al-Muqawama: This is also a matter of concern to us. This is why we do our best to deny Israelis everything except a minimum caloric intake for survival, and some medical supplies. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to stop them from manufacturing some primitive weapons, like nuclear explosives and remote-controlled drone-mounted missiles.
    GlossyNews: What is the solution? How will this end?
    Al-Muqawama: We live in a tough neighborhood, Ms. Weir. We are surrounded by people that want to destroy us. We have shown as much restraint as any country would under the circumstances, but Israel is going to have to come to terms with the fact that we are here to stay. They have to recognize our right to exist as an Islamic and democratic state, and stop trying to wipe us off the map. Until then, we have the right to defend ourselves, and we will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure our survival. No one has the right to tell us what we can or cannot do to protect ourselves and our way of life.

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