Saturday, November 17

Gaza Speaks To The World Are You Listening

I would love to write poetry about love,
Paint rainbows and butterflies,
Smell the scent of pink rose buds,
And dance;
Dance with the melody of jubilant bluebirds

                                   I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling
No guns pointing at their heads
Tell them stories of lily-like fairies in far-away lands
Not of bullets shrieking…. missiles exploding

How can I?

How can I?

How can I?

How can I?

                                                         There is a dagger in my heart
I am hurting
I bleed,
I cringe
I cry

                                    HUMANITY, WHERE ARE YOU?
                                                             I am being slaughtered
Under your watchful eyes
I am cold… cold…. cold
I cringe
I cry
                                               Humanity, where are you?

                                           Why do you turn your face away?
Why do you keep looking the other way? 

                                                                         I am here
In Gaza's alleyways

                                                     Humanity, where are you?
                                                                       Look at me
See me
I am here
In Gaza's alleyways
I cringe I cry

Enough turning the other way !
Turning a deaf ear
Turning a blind eye  

                                                           While I, and oh !
My poor children
Die .


 Source: Uprooted Palestinians

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