Sunday, November 25

Don't let Israel fool You It's Not Gaza Or The West Bank It's Palestine - All Of It

Please keep the word Palestine in your slogans, posters, event notices, articles, and discussions of Gaza -- that is Gaza, Palestine.

It appears that the Zionists are not only trying to steal all of Palestine but also erase the name and any memory of it -- renaming the land "Israel", the West Bank and Gaza -- with no mention of Palestine.

In the same way that you live in Ontario, Canada or
Detroit Michigan  or London, England or where ever we are fighting for Gaza, Palestine -- not just Gaza, as if it is a separate entity and separate country. We are fighting for Palestine.

It's bad enough that Zionists have stolen 92% of historic Palestine. Let's not in addition voluntarily give up the name Palestine too.

Gaza is Palestine. When we fight for Palestine we fight for Gaza.

And also  Jerusalem you thought we forgot about that too...

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