Tuesday, November 20

Do you really think Iran was giving Fajr-5 missiles to Hamas

The military wing of Hamas, Ezzedeen al-Qassam, says the resistance movement uses Fajr-5 missiles to respond to Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip.

"We know Israel has agents provocateurs inside Gaza and I think Press TV may have gotten rolled by one of them (or their website just got hacked).
Again, why would Iran do something as stupid as providing identifiable rockets to Gaza, which would give the US and Israel an excuse to attack? And why would a genuine HAMAS official admit to having Iranian supplied rockets knowing that said supply (if it actually existed) would cease immediately?
The US and Israel are looking for an excuse to attack Iran and this Fajr-5 story is getting the full court press.
If Iran were going to risk invasion to provide rockets to HAMAS would they not have sent rockets capable of hitting specific targets and causing far more damage?"

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