Wednesday, October 24

Mazin Qumsiyeh On Minnesota, Olives, and more

My access to email maybe limited for 10 days as I will be on traveling giving talks mostly in Minnesota, USA. If you are in the area and would like to get together see my schedule posted here and ofcourse the rest of the year, I am in Palestine and always welcome visitors.

Here we are beginning the olive harvest season and settlers and soldiers of the occupation try to destroy and restrict harvest but people do their best.  Here is an article I wrote three years ago about Olives and their significance in Palestine:

Conferences: The Eighth Annual Interfaith Tree of Life Conference on Israel and Palestine In Six Locations:
November 2 Harvard University
November 3 & 4 Old Lyme, Connecticut
November 3 Springfield, Massachusetts
November 7 West Hartford, Connecticut
November 10 & 11 New York City
November 11 & 12 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Details at

Ask Finland to investigate Israeli attack on Estelle and the kidnapping of its 30 passengers in International waters. News here:
Action here:

Academic Questionnaire- for International Activists for Palestine. To fill it out, visit:
For Jewish Israeli:  אם את\ה יהודי ישראלי, הולך לקישור הבא 

Israel limits access to education to force Palestinians out: Press TV has interviewed Mr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, professor at Bethlehem University, Bethlehem about forced education restrictions in Palestine by the occupation.

What is to be done?: Hebron students debate resistance to occupation

Stay human
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

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