Sunday, October 28

Bus Advert Tells U.S. Congress: Don’t Support Hamas

by Barb Weir 

The Los Angeles-based Israel advocacy group Stand With Ushas begun running bus advertisements in San Francisco asking the U.S. Congress not to support the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.  According to spokesperson Dr. Macho Harass, the level of Congressional support for Hamas has reached alarming levels.
“This all started when the U.S. and Israel provided arms and money to rival group Fateh in 2007,” said Harass. “The military aid was supposed to assure the overthrow of the elected but undemocratic Hamas government and the installation of an unelected but democratic Fateh government instead.
“Unfortunately, the Fateh forces were defeated instead, and Hamas came out on top.
We have to stop providing this kind of support for Hamas.”
I asked Harass what sort of action could end the support.
“Why is Hamas even in existence?” asked Harass, rhetorically.  “It’s because Israel decided back in 1988 that it wanted a rival group to counter the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and undermine PLO support amongst Palestinians.  Furthermore, Hamas gets most of its popular appeal from its intolerance for corruption and its steadfast opposition to the expulsion of Palestinians from their land.”
“That still doesn’t explain what you expect Congress to do,” I reiterated.
“I thought it would be obvious,” replied Harass.  “If Congress will stop sending money to the corrupt Palestinian Authority, it will no longer have the means to be corrupt, thus undermining the Hamas claim to be the only choice for stopping corruption.
More important, Congress can end aid to Israel until it stops confiscating Palestinian land and returns what it has stolen.”
“That will take away the only other excuse Palestinians have for supporting Hamas.  It’s appalling that we have put up with this stupidity for so long.”
“Very clever,” I ventured.  “I notice that you’re running another ad saying that Israelis invested over $57 billion in U.S. companies between 2000-2010.  What’s that about?”
“In a way it’s the same message,” explained Harass.  “We want to show that Israelis are already loaded with money and that it makes no sense for the U.S. to be sending them any more.  I think Americans are smart enough to understand.”

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