Wednesday, October 10

Belgian team treat a dozen babies in Gaza with heart disease

On October 5th, Prof. Daniel de Wolf, the Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at the University of Ghent in Belgium, completed a mission in the European Gaza Hospital catheterization lab in Khan Younis in which twelve children with congenital heart disease had invasive caths done that corrected their heart defects.   Accompanying Prof. de Wolf was Professor Guido Van Nooten, who first helped the PCRF start our congenital program in Palestine in 1999.  He was there to see about the prospects for doing pediatric cardiac surgery in Gaza in the future.  This is the first pediatric cardiology mission to Palestine since the 2009 invasion, and the first PCRF mission there in this area since 2004.  We have treated hundreds of Gaza babies with heart disease in our program in Makassed Hospital.

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