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Friday, September 7

The Palestinian Child That Can't Sleep Due to Israeli Terrorism That The World Does Nothing About
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by Abu Sara
Amer (standing) next to Abu with his siblings
“I can’t sleep. As soon as I close my eyes, I see settlers everywhere.”, says Amer the six years old son of my friends. Omar leaves his mattress and joins me outside, where I’m watching the beautiful full moon. This evening Amer’s father is absent, he’s still working on the other side of the green line, harvesting onions and can’t afford to come home often. “It looks like there are settlers all around the tent”, Amer continues. “Do you want me to come to bed next to you?”, I ask.
“Yes, please…” A few days ago six year old Amer watched the demolition of tents in a nearby encampment. Last year he saw his cousins’ encampment set on fire. Tomorrow will be his first day of  school.
All this goes on with a world ignoring it, and behaving as if nothing is happening.
Abu Sara is a volunteer with the Internaitonal Solidarity Movement (Name has been changed)

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