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One Democratic State Gaining Momentum Says Mazin Qumsiyeh

One Democratic State gaining momentum - Bethlehem Declaration
A conference of those interested in pushing the program of a single democratic state in historic Palestine was held Saturday 1 September 2012 at the Bethlehem Peace Center. Activists from several cities, villages and refugee camps representing different backgrounds and experiences made this meeting a success and another step in the march toward freedom and justice. We reviewed previous achievements and developments, including those via writings, via several working groups on the ground, and via conferences held inside and outside Palestine. Other achievements were introduced included by anti-Zionist colleagues working for change in the areas of 1948. We also discussed the idea of a global conference to happen in one year and include all the parties working to achieve a one-state vision.

 Items approved:

* Participation in committees that have been proposed in the Munich conference: Legal Committee, Activities Committee, Committee for Documentation and Communication, Communication Committee, Youth Committee, and Finance Committee

* Creating two other committees: one to propose an internal structure for the work of the various committees and groups (ie. mechanisms of coordination) and the other to discuss the mechanisms of political action/frameworks.

* Working on a major website to interact and exchange news, experiences, documents, and views

* Strengthening youth work and be young men and women roles Kiedbh and vanguard of this movement

* Expanding awareness and information programs lated to the concept of one state in all areas in all areas of historic Palestine and abroad

We formed a temporary follow-up committee and to encourage holding similar conferences and meetings in the all camps, villages and cities: Ghassan Olayan, Awni Mashni, Radi Jerai, Ahmed Taqatqa, Ali Jawhar, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Barak Cohen, Renen Raz, Tamar Aviyah

Those who want to participate in the working committees mentioned and/or wants help to create local working groups (in any part of the world), please write to us

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