Friday, September 7

Jewish Women And Fanatic Jewish Settlers Gone Wild In Mosque Court Yard

Jewish settlers drink wine and revel in Beersheba Mosque

Dozens of fanatic Jewish settlers on Wednesday evening drank wine and partied in the courtyard of Beersheba Mosque in the city in violation of an Israeli official pledge to refrain from holding a wine festival in the Mosque. 
The settlers deliberately breached the agreement that was reached between the organizers of Karama (dignity) protest and the Israeli municipal council in Beersheba city.
They were seen drinking wine and reveling in the Mosque's courtyard.
The higher guidance committee for the Negev Arabs had to cancel Karama rally which it was intending to stage in Beersheba Mosque to protest the Israeli intention to hold a wine party in the Mosque after the city municipal council promised not to bring in alcoholic drinks and called off its intended party.

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