Friday, September 7

Israeli Jail Like A Temporary For Palestinian Prisoners

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dirar Abu Sissi, the isolated Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail, described his cell in the solitary confinement as his "temporary grave" and urged for increasing efforts to release him from it.
This came in a letter leaked by Abu Sissi from his solitary confinement in Ashkelon Prison and distributed by Wa'ed Society for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners.
Abu Sisi has described his cell saying that it is "smaller than a restroom" and that it is a temporary grave.
The isolated prisoner Abu Sissi stated in his letter that he has been deprived of his children and his family's visits, and that he is allowed to leave his room only for one hour during the day, but handcuffed.
He condemned the Arab silence facing his case as an isolated prisoner and called for supporting him.
The Israeli intelligence service Mossad had kidnapped Abu Sissi, a deputy director of Gaza power plant, more than a year and a half ago from Ukraine where he had been applying for citizenship to enable his family to leave Gaza, as his wife is Ukrainian.
He was transferred to the occupied Palestinian territories and held in solitary confinement accused of developing resistance missiles.

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