Friday, September 7

Israel Thumbs Its Nose At The World & Religious Freedoms

Media outlets in Italy slam Israeli security forces for 'failing to apprehend Jews' who vandalized Latrun Monastery. 

Cables sent by Israeli ambassadors in Europe to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem indicate that the recent desecration of a monastery outside Jerusalem has resulted in a major hit to Israel's image in the continent.

"The media coverage (of the vandalism) is causing grave damage to Israel's image in France," a cable sent by the embassy in Paris read.

Media outlets in Italy criticized Israel's security forces, who "apprehend terrorists before they leave for their mission but fail to catch a few Jews who are operating right under their noses." 

Suspected right-wing extremists vandalized the Latrun Monastery on Tuesday morning, in  a "price tag" attack in response to the evacuation of the West Bank outpost Migron.

The vandals spray painted "Jesus is a monkey" and the words "mutual responsibility" along with the names of illegal outposts Upper Migron and Maoz Esther on the monastery's wall. They also burned the wooden door at the monastery entrance.


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