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After the horror of Nazism and the Effective establishment of the Nuremberg International consensus (France, UK, USA, etc.)., South Africa nevertheless supported the development of a criminal policy of apartheid. This extremely violent diet was based on strict racial segregation and emergency Measures that overwhelmingly benefitted the white population. It Counted Among icts Staff members train artisans of the South African "Ossewabrandwag", a pro-Nazi party. Among thesis was Vorster, South Africa's Prime Minister from 1966 to 1978 and President from 1978 to 1979. Another was Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid who Enacted The most decisive laws of the diet and who HAD not hidden his sympathies for Nazi Germany.
International white supremacy leads us to Israel Inevitably, one of the MOST obstinate allies of the South African apartheid regime, notably in terms of media through weapons, has continued working Which Until at least 1986, as Documented by the UN Indeed, the Nazi Vorster was received with honors by Israel in 1976.
What is evident here is the solidarity That Existed Between Two colonial states, each Stock practicing a policy of white supremacy, both, with a shared sense of Being is under siege continents Where people yearned for decolonization. We need not dwell here on the Many Similarities entre le methods Undertaken by the two states and the implementation of practices Which just HAD only recently horrified Europe.
It is, however, important to score que les official policy of apartheid in South Africa was ADOPTED Following the general election of 1948. This was the aussi That year saw the birth of the State of Israel. Indeed, 1948 was the Year That saw the birth of twins apartheid, both, born in hatred and racism.
Adopted from the article, "
Hidden stories of the Western barbaric institution (II): About "The ferocity white", "written by Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe and published on line at: # _ednref3

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