Friday, September 7

Arab man get's broken leg in Jerusalem Hate Crime

East Jerusalem man was attacked by Jewish youths for being Arab, The attack left him with a broken leg. The minute they heard his name, they began hitting him!

Jerusalem police claim they are investigating an Arab man who was attacked on Wednesday night by Jewish youths just for being an Arab.

Ibrahim Abu Ta’a, 28, an east Jerusalem resident who works at a local hotel, was the victim of a racist attack. The assault occurred as he dropped off a co-worker after leaving work.

As result of the attack, Abu Ta'a was left with a broken leg.

How It went down:

After work ended, around midnight, one of his female colleagues asked him to accompany her home as she was intoxicated. He was with two Jewish friends from work that also came along, and when they got to her apartment, a group of seven or eight Jewish youths, aged 16-20 asked them what they were doing there.

"When they heard the female co-worker say 'Ibrahim, don't talk to them,' they began beating him on his leg with an iron rod."

No doubts that this was a racially motivated attack. They didn't hit any of his Jewish friends.

"It lasted about a minute or two. When his Jewish friend called the police, the gang fled the scene.

Ibrahim did not do anything to the Jewish youths. He didn't speak to them, provoke them or attack them. The minute they heard his name, they started hitting him. That was it.
Officials at the Jerusalem District Police said that investigators are still trying to understand the motive behind the attack. The fact that his Jewish Friends we're not touched - did not ring any bells?

The area has been canvassed. The investigation will continue and arrests are expected to be made, one official claimed.

This incident comes just weeks after a group of Jewish youths attacked several young Arab men in Jerusalem's Zion Square.

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